Thursday, January 10, 2008

CA Majority Report having fun at John Edwards expense

by Randy Bayne


CMR has corrected the mistake and is now running a legitimate poll between Clinton, Obama and Edwards, thanks to a letter from Arlene Flores of La Quinta.

The folks at California Majority Report are polling to see who readers think will win the Democratic Primary. There is only one problem, they left off John Edwards, the only real voice for real change. They do have Mike Gravel in the poll.

Obviously, the unscientific poll is designed to skew the result towards Steve Maviglio's choice, Hillary Clinton. For those who don't know, Maviglio is on Speaker Nuñez staff. They are obviously afraid that Edwards will embarrass Clinton.

Here's what to do. Go to CMR and vote for Mike Gravel.

If you want to cast your vote for Edwards, do it in a way that really can make a difference and click below to make a donation to his campaign.

Join me in supporting John Edwards for President


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's not true.

I was a vocal supporter of Senator Edwards the last time around.

I did not put the poll question up; another member of the CMR staff did and I didn't see it.

If you'd like, we can add Edwards. Want me to? -- Steve Maviglio

Randy said...

Yes, I think it is only fair that the poll ask an accurate question.

Thanks -- Randy