Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards graces Sacramento

by Randy Bayne
The Bayne of Blog

One of the highlights of the weekend meeting of the State Democratic Party leadership was the visit by Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Presidential candidate John Edwards.

After spending time greeting people as she arrived at the Radisson Hotel, Edwards spoke to the gathered Democrats about her husband's campaign and its themes of health care for all, ending poverty and bringing the occupation of Iraq to an end.

She talked about John Edwards being the first candidate to come out with a "truly universal health care plan." And then the applause meter pegged when she said, "it is not enough to just talk about universal health care if at the end of the day everyone is not covered."

On education, Edwards said No Child Left Behind is "an excuse to move to vouchers," and explains why it is not remedial, but punitive, and explains why it is not funded. "We need to reward our teacher," said Edwards.

Addressing poverty, Edwards said we need somebody who actually cares about poverty and lifting people up.

Using the analogy of a ladder, she spoke about the generation of her 25 year old daughter — the generation of my son — who do not believe they will do as well s their parents. She said that there used to be a ladder for people to climb, but that the Bush administration has broken the rungs out of the ladder and it is up to us, Democrats, to replace those rungs.

"We need to be patriotic about something other than war," she repeated her husband's oft used words. "And, what we need to patriotic about," she said, "is our commitment to saving this planet."

"John has called on congress to stand firm" and refuse to continue funding the war.

As she was leaving the hall, Edwards took time to greet a few more people. She then stopped by a board set up the the Veterans Caucus. It was filled with pictures and information about young men and women who have lost their lives in Iraq. She seemed truly touched, lingering for several minutes and finding names on the board.

After leaving Sacramento, Edwards attended another event in San Francisco, and on Sunday spoke at the opening of the Nevada for Edwards office in Reno.

More pictures are available here.

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