Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not sitting on the sidelines in California

by Marcie Bayne
Marcie and John
It is very exciting here in Las Vegas. The energy in the Edwards camp is very high. I got the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting this evening at the Carpenter's Hall and the people present were enthusiastic and energized. Senator Edwards looked relaxed and did a great job.

After his speech, Senator Edwards took questions from the audience. He was asked by a young man if he was going to save the earth from pollution. Of course, the answer is to get us off our dependence of oil, change the emission standards on our vehicles and set the example to the world that we are willing to save our planet. Only then, will we make the planet better for this young man. A woman sitting next to me asked about Senator Edwards' position on pulling troops out of Afghanistan and was his position on Afghanistan troop withdrawal different from Iraq. John said that he views Afghanistan in a different way than Iraq. He would leave troops in Afghanistan until we had completed the mission in capturing Osama Bin Laden, reduce the heroine trade and deal with the rule of the Taliban.

I spoke to her briefly afterward and she said she had asked the same question of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and did not feel she got a satisfactory answer. She felt that John had given her a straight answer tonight and will caucus for him on Saturday. It is this same straight answers on the issues I care deeply about that have made me his supporter since the first time I heard him at the library in Sacramento in 2004.

If the conference I am attending here is Vegas affords me a second opportunity to go make calls or do work for the campaign, I will do so again on Thursday evening. My co-workers attending this conference think I am kinda nuts for being so involved politically. My only answer back is, I don't think any of us can sit by the sidelines in this election and be a spectator of the process.

I know that once I get back to CA, I will do what ever I need to do to get the word out about the next President of the United States - John Edwards!!

Join me in supporting John Edwards for President

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