Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Edwards still the best bet to beat any republican

by Randy Bayne
The Bayne of Blog

A new report from Global Strategy Group shows that John Edwards continues to be the most electable Democratic candidate for President.
Edwards is the only Democrat with a significant lead in a head-to-head match-up against Republican frontrunner Giuliani. Against the other three major Republican candidates, Edwards’ average margin of victory is virtually identical to that of Barack Obama, and significantly higher than Hillary Clinton’s average margin.
The report also says that Edwards "outperforms the other Democratic candidates in match-ups with Republican candidates in key battleground states," and brings new state into the mix so that he doesn't have to "run the table" in other Democratic states.

Even though Edwards has been shown to be the only candidate that solidly defeats every GOP candidate, and he is the only candidate that consistently voices strong support for American workers, two unions have endorsed other candidates.

This morning it was reported that the United Transportation Union endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. It is the first endorsement by a major union in this election. Clinton's endorsement comes in spite of the repeated reports showing "Clinton as the weakest major Democrat in the general election."

In another, more surprising endorsement, the International Association of Firefighters has thrown its support to Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd is currently polling at less than 2 percent.

So there you have it. The good news, Edwards is the candidate with the strongest chance at beating the Republicans — any and all of them; and the bad news, because the press has annointed Clinton and Barack Obama the Democrats may end up missing their best opportunity at capturing the White House.

To call it disappointing that these two unions did not endorse Edwards would be a massive understatement. Edwards is clearly the best choice for labor, for working America, and for the Democrat's ability to regain the White House. That isn't to say the other can't, but it will be much harder for Clinton or Obama.

The Republicans, and even moderate Democrats, fear Edwards. They know he can and will beat them, and they will stop at nothing to keep his name out of the news — in positive stories. They will also work overtime to attack Clinton and Obama without mentioning Edwards with the hope that Democrats will come to Clinton's and Obama's rescue by nominating one of them.

It is the same tactic they used in 2004 when it seemed Edwards might defeat John Kerry for the nomination. It worked then...

Edwards stands for working Americans, for the poor and middle class, for increasing opportunity, for real universal health care, for decent jobs at a decent wage, for unions. He has the best chance of winning in November, and the power brokers are scared.

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